Trust Wallet Launches Crypto-to-Fiat Off-Ramp, TWT Price Jumps 9%!

• Trust Wallet Token (TWT) saw a 9% price jump after the announcement of its partnership with MoonPay and Ramp.
• The crypto-to-fiat off-ramp will allow users to convert crypto to fiat without having to use a centralized exchange.
• TWT was trading around $1.25 at the time of writing, with potential for further upside momentum retesting resistance around the $1.40 area.

Trust Wallet Partners MoonPay and Ramp

Trust Wallet has announced an exciting partnership with cryptocurrency payment platform MoonPay and non-custodial fiat-to-crypto infrastructure provider Ramp, allowing users to seamlessly convert crypto to fiat currencies via their non-custodial wallet app. As a result of this news, Trust Wallet Token (TWT) saw its price jump more than 9%, hitting as high as $1.31 before dropping back down to $1.25 as of writing.

Seamless Withdrawals for Crypto Transactions

The integration between Trust Wallet, MoonPay, and Ramp allows users to withdraw funds in a frictionless manner when handling crypto transactions into fiat currencies. This gives users full control over their stored funds while avoiding any centralized exchanges in the process.

Price Outlook for TWT

The positive update has given TWT investors cause for optimism, pushing prices above $1.30 for the first time since 18 March this year; however, it should be noted that the 4-hour RSI is firmly in overbought territory and extended, suggesting some profit taking may occur in the near future which could push prices back down below $1.20 levels again in the short term.

Bulls Could Target Resistance Around 1$40 Area

Should new upside momentum build however, bulls could be on track towards retesting resistance around the $1.40 area or higher if broader market sentiment turns bullish again soon enough – potentially opening up even higher price targets such as around $1.76 or above that level depending on market conditions prevailing at that time .

< h2 >Current Price of TWT At present , TWT is trading at around $ 1 . 25 , representing gains of 6 % compared to 24 hours prior .