Revolutionize ASIC Repair: D-Central’s ‚Hash No Cash‘ Program

• D-Central Technologies Inc. is launching their revolutionary “Hash No Cash” program across North America.
• This program allows miners to access high-quality ASIC repair services at no cash cost, instead accepting broken hardware as payment.
• The program also contributes to environmental sustainability and decentralization in cryptocurrency mining.

D-Central Launches Innovative “Hash No Cash” Promotion

D-Central Technologies Inc., a leader in the cryptocurrency mining industry, has recently announced the expansion of its revolutionary “Hash No Cash” program to all cryptocurrency miners in North America. This new initiative provides high-quality repair services for mining hardware at no cash cost, instead accepting broken hardware as payment.

Benefits of the Program

The “Hash No Cash” program offers numerous benefits for miners, such as making efficient and affordable repair services accessible and allowing them to keep their capital for strategic investments. Additionally, it reduces electronic waste by repurposing broken hardware and promotes decentralization by making repaired equipment available at more affordable prices.

Environmental Sustainability

The “Hash No Cash” program also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing demand for new equipment production, thereby minimizing the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining.

Decentralization Benefits

By putting power into more hands through the availability of repaired hardware at affordable prices, D-Central is fostering wider distribution of mining power – promoting decentralization in cryptocurrency mining.

Commitment to Change

D-Central is committed to driving change within the industry by creating solutions that are financially viable, environmentally friendly and beneficial for miners everywhere.