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• BNB Chain has announced that its layer 2 scaling platform opBNB mainnet is now live for infrastructure providers.
• The testnet for the layer-2 scaling solution built on the OP Stack took one and half months.
• BNB, the native cryptocurrency powering the BNB Chain ecosystem, was trading around $233 at the time of writing.

BNB Chain’s opBNB Mainnet

BNB Chain has announced that its layer 2 scaling platform opBNB mainnet is now live for infrastructure providers, putting the EVM-compatible solution on the path to a public launch. This solution was built using the OP Stack and leverages Optimistic Rollups to allow for low gas fees, network stability and security with an importance to optimal performance of the BNB Chain ecosystem across gaming, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and digital collectibles. The testnet for this layer-2 scaling solution took one and a half months before it was released by Binance on June 19th with a promotion named „Odyssey“. One week later, they announced that its deployment would be in August when it would have an expected significant milestone in revamping its position in decentralised finance ecosystems.

Testnet Performance

On-chain transactions by BNBChain community surpassed 7 million during this testing period as daily transaction range went up to 100-150K. A total of 435,972 unique wallet addresses connected to this network with more than 6k daily active users and 40 dApps deployed on it during this one and a half month long testing period.

Price Outlook

The native cryptocurrency powering this whole ecosystem – BNB – was trading around $233 at press time which showed a dip of 2% in past 24 hours but nearly 5% dip in past week.

Path To Mainnet Launch

Mainnet launch for Infrastructure providers means that next step is soon approaching public launch wherein developers and projects could adopt fresh usage out of it. Several links are available online about how you can get started using opBNB mainnet right away as we move closer to public launch day!


opBNB mainnet is launching soon which will power several projects across gaming, decentralised exchanges (DEXs) and digital collectibles while giving developers new opportunities to explore blockchain technology further through lower gas fees, network stability and security features offered by this Optimistic Rollup based protocol from Binance’s own chain -opBNB chain’s main net .