Chancer Launches Token Presale: Disrupting the Prediction Industry!

• Chancer is a new company that plans to launch its token pre-sale on June 13.
• It aims to use blockchain to disrupt the predictions market by allowing users to create their own markets.
• The platform will be secured by Binance Chain and facilitated using $CHANCER tokens, which can also be used for governance purposes.

Chancer: Disrupting the Predictions Market

Chancer, a new company, plans to launch its token presale on June 13 in order to disrupt the predictions market using blockchain technology. The platform will be secured using Binance Chain and facilitated with $CHANCER tokens.

Creating Your Own Market

The most unique feature of Chancer is that users will be able to create their own markets, which other users can place bets on. For example, a user can create a market for an upcoming game or even current affairs like elections.

Governing Proposals and Decentralised Nodes

In addition to sports betting, smart contracts, open source code, decentralised nodes and data storage will all be part of the Chancer ecosystem. Furthermore, holders of the $CHANCER token will also have governance powers where they can submit and vote on proposals.

Sports Betting Industry Growth

The global sports betting industry has seen significant growth recently, especially due to the emergence of US companies such as Fanduel, DraftKings and BetMGM among others.

Blockchain Disruption

Several blockchain companies are seeking ways to disrupt this industry with SportsX and Gnosis being two notable examples. Now Chancer is entering the sector offering features not seen before in existing platforms.