Aptos Labs Leverages Microsoft AI for Web3 Adoption Boom

• Aptos Labs has partnered with Microsoft to expand global access to Web3.
• The partnership will leverage Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to streamline and scale dApps.
• Aptos will integrate its native programming language, Move, into Github’s AI-powered Copilot service.

Aptos Labs Partners With Microsoft

Aptos Labs has announced a major partnership with Microsoft as it looks to expand its blockchain infrastructure across the Web3 space. Through this collaboration, developers building on the Aptos network will have access to Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service which will streamline and scale their applications. Additionally, Aptos will be integrating its native programming language Move into Github’s AI-powered Copilot service.

Azure OpenAI Service

Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service provides developers with an array of artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can be used to accelerate their Web3 projects. As part of the partnership, Aptos is utilizing this technology in order to create new products such as Aptos Assistant – a chatbot designed to provide users with easy access to information about the Aptos ecosystem.

Move Programming Language

The integration of Move into Github’s Copilot service is expected to help developers gain access to resources necessary for the deployment of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). This powerful combination of technologies should drastically reduce barriers for those looking to enter the blockchain space and make it easier for more people and organizations than ever before.

Price Surge

Following news of this partnership, the value of the Aptos token rose by 18% reaching highs of $7.92 in early afternoon trading on Wednesday 9 August 2023..


Through its collaboration with Microsoft, Aptos Labs is proving itself as a leader in Web 3 adoption by leveraging some of today’s most advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. This should open up new opportunities for developers while making it easier for more people and organizations than ever before to join in on this exciting revolution .